What is the Youth Advisory Committee?

The Youth Advisory Committee is made up of a group of volunteers in junior and senior high as well as recent graduates of local schools. The mission statement of the Committee is as follows:

To insure the availability of quality resources for both leisure activities and homework assignments for junior and senior high school students. The Committee encourages teen involvement in the library through creative original programming and suggesting programs to be held at the library.

The committee meets as a group approximately once a month with a prize drawing and refreshments. During the meeting we discuss things that can be done to meet the library's goal of serving the teens in the area. In the summer, we meet less formally to prepare original programming and props necessary for these programs.

Do you want to start a Youth Advisory Committee at your library?

School Year Youth Advisory Committee:

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Summer Youth Advisory Committee:

Past Activities:

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For information on joining the Youth Advisory Committee, contact Lisa Kinna at Jervis Public Library in Rome, NY at 336-4570 ext. 227.

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