What is Book Buddies?


Book Buddies is a summer story time program for children aged 3-8 and the elderly. Volunteer teen readers go to places in the city already serving children for the summer. For summer 2003, these places include The YMCA, The Neighborhood Center, Bethany House, and The Children's Corner. Generous support form the Oneida County Youth Bureau will allow each participant in to receive a book of his or her own at the completion of the program.

The goals of the program are numerous.

The program:

How do teens volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer for Book Buddies, or any other program, please contact the Young Adult Librarian, Lisa Matte at 336-4570 ext. 227 or email her.


How do you start a Book Buddies program in your community?

Email Lisa Matte and she will gladly give you all of the materials she has created to organize and run the summer program.

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updated 9/5/2003 by Lisa Matte